Ninth Biennial Conference of the Chicago Area Consortium in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

October 12 & 13, 2012

Greco-Roman Conceptions
of the Human Being

Welcome! The ninth biennial conference will take place on the Northwestern and University of Chicago campuses. For hotel room reservations please click on the lodging link above.

Conference description: How are humans different from other animals? And how should our being animals matter to us? We are interested both in how our distinctive human features affect or transform the faculties we share with other animals, and in how our animality affects our cognition and our good. Is part of us a beast and if so must we fight it or tame it? Should we instead embrace it? Ancient philosophers' answers to these questions deeply influenced their accounts of perception, pleasure, emotion, desire, locomotion, cognition and the good life. Our conference will explore their answers, put them in their historical context and see how they relate to today's philosophical concerns.

Registration: If you plan to attend the conference, please take a moment to register.

Conference Speakers:

(A full conference schedule can be found here)

Friday, October 12
Northwestern Campus

Rachana Kamtekar (Arizona)
"Plato on animals within and without"
Commentator: Franco Trivigno (Marquette)

David O'Connor (Notre Dame)
"Socrates in Gethsemane"
Commentator: Constance Meinwald (UIC)

Eric Brown
(Washington University in St. Louis)
"Animality and Contingency in Cicero's Critique of Epicurean Ethics"
Commentator: John Wynne (Northwestern)

Saturday, October 13
University of Chicago Campus

Hendrik Lorenz (Princeton)
"Character-virtue as a non-rational state in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics"
Commentator: Richard Kraut (Northwestern)

Tamar Gendler (Yale)
"The Third Horse: On Unendorsed Association and Human Behavior"
Commentator: Christopher Frey
(University of Chicago)

Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
"Animal Awareness and Self-Preservation in Stoic Oikeiōsis"
Commentator: David Ebrey (Northwestern)

Ursula Coope (Oxford)
"Rational assent and reflection: a neoplatonist development of a stoic idea"
Commentator: Eyjólfur Emilsson (Oslo)