Saturday, June 8th

The conference will be held in Harris 108 on both Saturday and Sunday. See a map.
9:15‑11:00 Harry Brighouse (Univ. of Wisconsin)
"What are Educational Goods and How Should They be Distributed?"
Commentator: Kyla Ebels-Duggan (Northwestern)
11:15‑1:00 David Ebrey (Northwestern)
"The Difference between Teaching and Habituation in Plato and Aristotle"
Commentator: Gabriel Richardson Lear (Univ. of Chicago)
1:00‑2:30 Lunch
2:30‑4:15 Kristján Kristjánsson (Univ. of Birmingham)
"Measuring Aristotelian Virtue: Eight Variations on a Messy Theme"
Commentator: Sophie Haroutunian-Goron (Northwestern)
4:30‑6:15 Rachana Kamtekar (Univ. of Arizona)
"Impressing patterns and generating pleasures: Two models of musical education"
Commentator: Emily Fletcher (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Saturday Evening: Conference Dinner

Sunday, June 9th

9:15‑11:00 Gavin Lawrence (UCLA)
"Authenticity and Creativity"
Commentator: Richard Kraut (Northwestern)
11:15‑1:00 Rachel Barney (Univ. of Toronto)
"The General's Question: Plato on what the courageous person knows"
Commentator: Joseph Barnes (UC Berkeley / Humboldt Univ.)
1:00‑2:30 Lunch
2:30‑4:15 Randall Curren (Univ. of Rochester)
"Motivational Dimensions of Moral Learning"
Commentator: Darcia Narvaez (Notre Dame)
4:30‑6:15 Agnes Callard (Univ. of Chicago)
"Students of Virtue"
Commentator: Joseph Karbowski (Notre Dame)

There is no registration fee, but if you are planning to attend, please let David Ebrey know at d‑

Note that Gavin Lawrence will also be giving a philosophy department colloquium talk on Friday, May 7th, 4-6 PM: "Puzzles in Deliberation." It will be held in University Hall, room 122. Map it

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Conference primarily sponsored by The Spencer Foundation with additional support from The Kaplan Institute for the Humanities and the Philosophy and Classics Departments at Northwestern University.