Ninth Biennial Conference of the Chicago Area Consortium in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

October 12 & 13, 2012

Greco-Roman Conceptions
of the Human Being

Conference Schedule

Note about meals: on Friday, people will be on their own to get lunch in Downtown Evanston. On Saturday, lunch will be provided (free of charge). The dinners will be $35 per person, $20 for students. Transportation from the conference room to the dinners will be arranged for those who need it.

Friday, October 12, Northwestern Campus
The Arch Room, Norris 206
10:30 am - 5:25 pm

Rachana Kamtekar (Arizona)
"Plato on animals within and without"
Commentator: Franco Trivigno (Marquette)
Talk 10:30-11:20, comment until 11:30. discussion until 12:15

Lunch 12:15-1:30

David O'Connor (Notre Dame)
"Socrates in Gethsemane"
Commentator: Constance Meinwald (UIC)
Talk 1:30-2:20, comment until 2:30, discussion until 3:25

Break 3:25-3:40

Eric Brown (Washington University in St. Louis)
"Animality and Contingency in Cicero's Critique of Epicurean Ethics"
Commentator: John Wynne (Northwestern)
Talk 3:40-4:30, comment until 4:40, discussion until 5:25

Dinner at Mysore Woodlands, 2548 W Devon Ave. Chicago, IL
(Transportation will be arranged for those without it.)

Saturday, October 13, University of Chicago Campus
Stuart 101
9:30 am - 6:15 pm

Hendrik Lorenz (Princeton)
"Character-virtue as a non-rational state in Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics"
Commentator: Richard Kraut (Northwestern)
Talk 9:30-10:20, comment until 10:30, discussion until 11:15

Break 11:15-11:30

Tamar Gendler (Yale)
"The Third Horse: On Unendorsed Association and Human Behavior"
Commentator: Christopher Frey (University of Chicago)
Talk 11:30-12:20, comment until 12:30, discussion until 1:15

Lunch 1:15-2:30

Brooke Holmes (Princeton)
"Animal Awareness and Self-Preservation in Stoic Oikeiōsis"
Commentator: David Ebrey (Northwestern)
Talk 2:30-3:20, comment until 3:30, discussion until 4:15

Break 4:15-4:30

Ursula Coope (Oxford)
"Rational assent and reflection: a neoplatonist development of a stoic idea"
Commentator: Eyjólfur Emilsson (Oslo)
Talk 4:30-5:20, comment until 5:30, discussion until 6:15

Dinner at Phoenix, 2131 S Archer Ave. Chicago, IL
(Transportation will be arranged for those without it.)